Pest Control Services in Riverside, CA

Are you experiencing a pest problem in the Riverside, CA area? Turn to Craig & Sons Termite & Pest Control, Inc., for pest control services you can trust.

We Handle a Variety of Pests

Our team specializes in termites, which includes detection, eradication, and prevention of further infestations. We are also equipped to handle a wide variety of other pests that may plague your home or yards, including but not limited to:

  • Mice and rats
  • Gophers and ground squirrels
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps
  • Fleas
  • Bedbugs

No matter what kind of infestation your property is experiencing, Craig & Sons Termite & Pest Control Inc., has the equipment and the expertise to safely and efficiently deal with the problem.

We Use a Variety of Pest Control Methods

We at Craig & Sons Termite & Pest Control, Inc. respect your rights as a Riverside homeowner and understand that you have the final say on what methods of pest control you feel comfortable using. That’s why we can recommend a variety of different pest control treatments to fit the particular infestation and your preferences, which include the use of environmentally-safe products and strategies.

If your property is experiencing an influx of unwelcome guests, don’t hesitate. Call Craig & Sons Termite & Pest Control, Inc., today at 951-530-1653. We are happy to help you take back control of your home.

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