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Reliable Bat Removal

We handle bat removal of the brown bats that reside in Riverside county. These bats are commonly found in attics and barns, as they seek out safe and dark spaces. During the summer months when bat pups are learning to fly, they may enter in open doors or windows by mistake.

Bats live together in colonies of 20 to 800 and can become a big nuisance if left in your home or business. Since bats can carry diseases—like rabies—and also bite or scratch when they feel threatened, you should never attempt to approach or capture them.

Our team knows how to safely get rid of bats so that you do not have to live with this nuisance on your property. Whether bats have flown into your property through an open door or window or have gained entry some other way, it is important to call on experts to remove them as fast as possible.

If you have a bat problem, our pest control technicians are here to help you with all of your bat removal needs.

We look forward to helping you get rid of pests on your home or commercial property. For fast scheduling and assistance, call our Redlands, CA, office at 909-335-1486 or reach our Riverside, CA, office at 951-530-1653

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