Bed bugs are pests that, in spite of their name, can be found in many different nooks and crannies. These are one of the most doomed types of pests to find in one's home, especially because they are so persistent.

Many people fear finding bed bugs in their home, but they still might not know exactly what to do in the case that they do find bugs. This guide will help you figure out your next steps.

Do Notice the Signs of Bed Bugs

The most common signs of bed bugs are small, red bites that tend to appear through the night. You might even see the bugs hiding in the seam of your mattress, hanging out on the couch, or even walking through the carpet.

Bed bugs are typically red to brown in coloring. The bugs are less than 3/8 of an inch long, and they can appear round because they are so wide. Young bed bugs can be quite a bit smaller and more difficult to spot.

Don't Panic

It is easy to begin panicking if you think you see a bed bug or bed bug bite. While difficult to remove no your own, pest control professionals can remove bed bugs. There is no reason to become anxious.

Don't Use Outdoor Bug Killers Inside

Outdoor bug sprays are not at all suitable for killing bed bugs in your home. They can actually make you or your pets sick, and they might not even kill the bed bugs you are targeting.

Don't Simply Throw Out Infested Items

Simply throwing away furniture infested with bed bugs will not solve the problem. Bed bugs may still be lurking in other areas, so throwing out the items does not mean you no longer have bed bugs.

Do clean your linens and bedding, ensuring that everything is washed in hot water and dried in high heat.

Don't Forget to Clean Smaller Items

Bed bugs don't only live in bedding, couches, and mattresses. They can also make a home in stuffed animals, rugs, carpets, and even shoes. You need to wash these items as well.

Do Clear Out Items from Under the Bed

Keeping clutter under your bed only gives bed bugs more hiding places. In fact, it is beneficial for you to clear all types of clutter from the home, preventing bed bugs from building a home.

Do Vacuum Your Home

Vacuum the area surrounding your bed and other furniture after you find bed bugs, and then clean out the vacuum bag outside. Make sure not to track bed bugs back into the home.

Do Not Simply Go Sleep Somewhere Else

Unfortunately, it is quite easy to transfer bed bugs to a hotel or another house. Avoid moving from place to place unless you want to discover that your friends and family members now have bed bugs as well.

Do Save Bed Bugs

If you are able to save some bed bugs in a jar, please do. You can show these bugs to the pest control professional to confirm that you indeed have bed bugs, or you may need to provide proof of bed bugs to your landlord.

Do Call a Professional Pest Control Company

A professional pest control company is the only service that can eliminate bed bugs for sure. Highly trained pest control specialists can not only remove the bugs but also help you prevent them from returning.

Professional services are essential because bed bugs do not go away with commercial pesticides. In fact, some products can help bed bugs spread throughout the home.

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